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Which Are the Great Mobile Slot Game Software Providers

Have you ever wondered who creates the thrilling game you like? The software providers are the architect of many casino games. Although these developers create casino machines and computer games, not all of them provide mobile slot games.

There are many advantages of mobile slot games. First, you can play the game anytime and in anyplace with your mobile. Second, it is easy and secure to play with a phone than a computer. That is because the software on the phone is different. Therefore the presence of advanced IOS, windows, and android programs warrants companies to build mobile gaming software.


NetEnt stands for Net Entertainment. NetEnt has been vibrant in producing many touch games or mobile apps. These games are available in the play store where you can download the application. Also, you can play the game via their websites and stream live.

These mobile games include aliens, archangel salvation, coins of Egypt, Dead or Alive 2, and countless others. These games are distinct and hard to copy.

Why should you play in Netent Casino?

• Their graphics, visuals, and soundtracks are thrilling even with a 3D playing experience.

• NetEnts slots games have amazing bonuses. That includes the welcome bonus, matched bonus, and free spins. Also, the no deposit welcome bonus and free spins count in your winnings. There is also a free demo mode that equips newbies with skills to play the real game.

• The instructions to attain the bonus are simple to follow. Still, Netent bonuses have higher odds, which takes you closer to your dream money. The jackpots of NetEnt games come in million packages.

• Apart from the Netent graphics, their mobile games display is significant. That is because the software uses a full-screen mode to show the game.

• There is also friendly user experience. The navigation keys, keypads, and touch-screen icons respond quickly to match the user’s interest.

What are some of the cons of NetEnt?

• Their mobile slots games are less compared to other developers.

• Those players wishing to make a ransom at a time, this platform can dissatisfy you. That is because the NetEnt mobile program typically offers small wins at a time.


The company contains a staggering three-hundred mobile slots games and apps. Every year the company produces ten to twenty newly mobile games. That means it upgrades its games to advanced technology.

The Microgaming games are lucrative to play with high RTP, odds, and bonuses. Also, they received an award because of their lucrative jackpot. The company has paid over four-hundred million dollars for jackpots. Their games include Sterling silver, summer holidays, Tarzan, Lost Vegas, Jackpotcity, and many others.

Why Should You Choose The Microgaming Developer?

• The software of the mobile game is authentic. That is where it has SSL encryption to protect the game operators and players’ credentials.

• Their touchpad operation is easy to navigate. The gaming keypad response faster than any other operator.

• Microgaming software is reliable, and there are little or zero cases of the software crashing in mobile phones.

• Microgaming provides million bound jackpots that are easy to play and win.

• The software has lucrative bonuses, odds, and other bonuses. The wagering limit to get bonuses or free spins suits a low-incomer.

• Microgaming programs utilize the full-screen mode that is compatible with the small screen of a mobile phone.

• The program’s graphics, visuals, soundtracks increase entertainment to gamblers.

What Are Some Of Their Cons?

• Sometimes the Microgaming games are similar in the gameplay, storyline bonuses, odds, and other features. Therefore this is unnecessarily for gamers searching for distinct games.

• Most of the time, Microgaming developers like upgrading its games to mobile versions. That includes even the old gams, which dissatisfy gamblers wanting new games on the phone.

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IGT (International Gaming Technology)

It is one of the earliest game providers because of its origin in 1981. The developer is typical in the USA and especially in Las Vegas. Their games are compatible with IOS, Android, and windows phone to make mobile games. IGT games are famous for being entertaining and thrilling.

Just like its name, IGT produces technologically advanced betting slots. Their quality of the game is superb that even the games receive a five-star rating. There are various games in IGT. These include the pixies of forest, Cleopatra, double diamonds, wheel of fortune, transformers. Sphinx world and many others.

Why should you play IGT Games?

• The graphics, visuals, and soundtracks offer an intriguing experience. The games also adopt 3D technology that creates a real-life experience.

• Most games in IGT follows an enthralling storyline. You will feel like you are watching a movie or feel like you are living in a fantasy world. Games like Double Diamonds, wheel of fortune, sphinx world, and Cleopatra follows a storyline journey.

• They have incredible bonuses and jackpots. The jackpots win you millions. Also, there are some games with an RTP close to 100%. Combining this RTP and the game’s odds provides a higher winning margin.

• IGT software provides a free demo account in its slot game. The demo is significant for newbies to gain experience.

• Their slot games like Cleopatra, wheel of fortune, or pixies in the forest contains profitable wild symbols. Their pay lines can include three to five reels, which increase your winning chance. Still, their payouts are incredible.

What Are The Cons Of IGT?

Since the IGT is a longstanding company, it contains olden games. These means the games’ graphics and gameplay may not suit players looking for advanced platforms.

BTG (Big Time Gaming)

The BGT games are famous for having less bet amount of about 0.01 cash. Also, they are renowned for having many bet lines where your chances of winning are high. Their games use exciting themes, gameplay and the software is incredible. BGT slots include the final countdown, white rabbit, who wants to be a millionaire, and many others.

Why Should You Choose The BGT Game?

• First is their minimum betting money of 0.01, which is affordable to many. For big games, you can stake a bet with 0.20.

• They have many bet lines that increase the chance of you winning a bet.

• The cartoonist or animation themes are entertaining. Those are games like the white rabbit or holy diver game where the knight figure appears on your screen.

• The storyline of the games is fascinating and entertaining. Games like temple quest infinity have an intriguing storyline of searching jewel in South American forest.

• The slot’s gameplay is profitable. The mega ways slots consist of six reels. The bonus comes with two to five spins on the left or right with a horizontal reel.

• The game has profitable slots rows. The rows change form spin to spin. Thus one reel has three rows while two reels can have seven rows. Therefore you have more than hundred-thousand bet sizes.

• Most games have a high volatility that earns players the top prizes.

• There are bonuses and free spins in their profitable games. They also have lucrative jackpots.

• The symbols keep on changing to have super odds.

What Are The Cons Of BGT?

• The game encompasses small wins. Therefore this is not right for big wins oriented players.

• Some of their games are volatile, which is highly risky.