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Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you can check to see if the answers you find fit your needs. If, however, you come across an insufficient answer, you are always encouraged to reach out to our team.

What does subscribing do?

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When you choose to subscribe to our online magazine, you can experience a more optimal service that ordinary guests may not be able to encounter. You can get constant updates about the new developments that we post on our website.

You can acquire significant access to certain content that other people may not be provided with.

You can also receive interesting freebies if you have been a subscriber long enough. Do note that this comes with a fee so only subscribe when you believe that the services we offer will be rewarding.

If you do not wish to subscribe, you are always free to access our site anytime and anywhere.

You may not get quick updates on certain things but you can always manually monitor the activities on our online magazine.

Can I unsubscribe anytime?

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Unsubscribing anytime is a prerogative you have that we do not wish to eliminate. Feel free to stop receiving updates from our online magazine anytime. You have complete authority on when and where you want to stay connected with our web activities.

Once you unsubscribe, you will immediately get a notification that you will no longer be able to enjoy the services that we offer to our subscribed readers. Nevertheless, if you wish to subscribe again, you can do so using the same account that you used before. This is not a problem at all.

Can I trust your research?

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Yes, you can trust the research behind the content that we produce. We do not post anything on this online magazine without conducting extensive research first to ensure that everything is accurate and reliable.

We wish to maintain the standard that we use to operate our online magazine.

We will not become number one by delivering content that has no factual information. We will not be a part of a system that relies on rumors to be seen as trustworthy reading material.While many of our content has an editorial part to it, trust us when we say that the information we disclose is based on truth.